Product Design

Featuring my final Graduate collection and their previous iterations.



Textile Products for Family

The Bloom Collection is comprised of four interactive textile artifacts, The BookThe BlanketThe Tablecloth, and The Boxes, which encourage family togetherness and the enjoyment of nature. In our digitized society where we experience less face-to-face conversation, less physical labor and less time outdoors,  this collection fosters positive social interaction and reconnects us with the physical world.

Each product is situated within a significant family ritual - story time, picnics, celebratory meals and gift-giving. Each product also references a particular flower, seeking to mimic the beautiful forms, functions and life-cycles of the natural world. Click on the photos above to learn more about each product. 




The Garden Tablecloth   //   Iteration #1

A Cradle-to-Cradle product that gives back to the earth. This original laser-cut pattern design is constructed with recycled paper and embedded with butterfly milkweed seeds. The tablecloth can be deconstructed and planted after use.  See other iterations in The Bloom Collection or Structural Tessellation.  


Kinetic Floral Sculpture

An experimental folded design developed during the "Paper Scuplture" workshop with Matthew Shlian at Penland School of Crafts.  


Folding Picnic Blanket   //   Iteration #1

A double-sided quilt made with original screen printed fabrics. The pinwheel and grass motifs came from a longing for summertime.  The folding process informed the composition and color placement. // 6' x 6' Quilted, Screen Printed Cotton Canvas //  See another iteration in The Bloom Collection