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Driven by play and curiosity, my work experiments with geometry, pattern and material. Whether in product design, textiles or installations, I always seek to generate wonder and encourage interaction through my creations.

Art2Wear Runway Backdrop  Pre-Installation

Art2Wear Runway Backdrop Pre-Installation

My Story

   My journey as a maker began as soon as I was able to hold a crayon.  My family fostered my creativity as a young girl and I continued to pursue the arts through both high school and undergraduate. At Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, I majored in studio art with a concentration in painting and printmaking. While I enjoyed exploring color and mark making in these mediums, my family history in quilting gave me a longing to reconnect to a more tactile medium.

   After I graduated from SMU, I pursued other career paths outside of the arts, but continued to keep a sketchbook and found Spoonflower, an online community for fabric design. While teaching myself how to create repeat patterns in Photoshop, for fabrics that I could use in my sewing projects, I discovered the dynamic relationship that exists between art, design and craft.  

    After getting married and relocating to Raleigh, North Carolina, I was introduced to the NCSU College of Design.  My desire in pursuing a Master's of Art and Design in Fibers and Surface Design was to reconnect to the tactile, fibers-media that I feel most passionate about and that we use most in our everyday lives. However, I discovered a much broader world of design. Informed by research and thoughtful, conceptual development, my design process grew stronger by being challenged to bring content and provide context for each new project.  From printed fabric to window displays, textural wall coverings to family products, I love to experiment and apply design thinking in any and all contexts.  I hope you will find that my work seeks to be functional, yet also purposeful, and most importantly, fun. Thanks for taking a look around

Advancement Review Display - Spring 2016

Advancement Review Display - Spring 2016